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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy for more info. A beautiful selections of good morning blessings you can share with someone you love. Nothing is better than having a great night of sleep, waking up, and thanking the Lord for this wonderful new day.

I have gotten into this habit of right when my feet hit the floor I spend a few minutes with the Lord, giving Him thanks and asking Him to bless my day. And today I wanted to share with you some morning blessings you can pray or share with others. Now, you may want some ideas on how to share them so here are some fun and creative ways. Sharing these good morning blessings is one way of showing that love.

Now that we have our creative juices flowing lets get down to business! Here is a handy dandy little table of contents if you would like to hop around to a certain section.

If not then just scroll through like usual and enjoy these blessed morning quotes! Below is a selection of morning blessings I have written. You will find them broken into certain sections by the days of the week.

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That where ever you go you will feel His love and grace. Lord, I ask that this Sunday you would draw me closer to you and that your face would shine upon me and my family. Bless us Lord and keep us. That you would enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Lord, I praise you for this day. May this Sunday I experience you blessing and touch in my life. May the grace of God cover you this Monday.Good morning wishes and messages are one of the best ways of revealing good morning love to your loved ones.

2020 Best Short Morning Prayers: Good Morning Blessings

The fact is that one sweet good morning wish can make their entire day and help them achieve something extraordinary.

In this article, I am going to present some of the best, most romantic, and special good morning wishes and messages in English for friends, love, brother, sister, wife, husband, son, daughter, father, mother.

These special and best good morning wishes will definitely help your loved ones kick-start their day in a new spirit. Wake up and start working towards your goals. Good morning my friend! I wake up and the first thing I thought of is you.

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I hope you are fine this beautiful morning. Good morning! I heard someone saying that a smile in the morning can open a heart faster than a key can open a door and that is exactly what I am sending to you this beautiful morning.

The mistakes of yesterday are now a story of the past. Believe in yourself and utilize that second chance God has given you. Have a nice day! I hope you have had a nice sleep. Wake up and keep moving. I woke up and the first person I thought of is you. Have a good day my dear friend!

May you receive blessings and the energy to keep moving this beautiful day. Have a nice day ahead! Wake up and deal with the ones you can. Good morning my dear friend! Best wishes from your true friend. May God fill your life with happiness and success. Good Morning!

Opportunities may knock only once if they find you asleep, someone else will open for them. Wake up and grab every opportunity this beautiful morning.

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On this beautiful day, be a blessing, be a source of happiness to every person you meet on your way.Waking up every day is a privilege and you need to understand that it is the faithfulness of God that kept you alive.

A lot of people would give anything to remain alive and healthy, remember! Every morning is an opportunity to thank God for the gift of life and invite him to walk the day with you because only him can give the strength and hope you need to make things work for you smoothly. Now, here are some short but powerful good morning prayers that will help you get your thoughts into words as you appreciate your maker and look forward to a fulfilling day.

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I look up unto you Oh God. You are the fullness of everything I want. You reign in majesty and you do great things. I surrender my life to you this morning. Use it as a tool of greatness. Make me a testimony of your faithfulness and let the world celebrate you in me. Every morning I bow my knees and give praises to you because the earth is yours and everything therein including me.

good morning blessings

So I know you will give me whatsoever I need because everything is in your care. Grant me my heart desires oh my father.

Thank you, I would forever live for you strengthen me today to live a life that pleases you. When things go wrong, I know it is just a test of faith. I would keep standing. I would keep thanking. Grant me grace today my father as I go to make exploits in your name.

Give me joy unlimited. My hearts are heavy, I am down and discouraged.Inspirational Words of Wisdom. You can add a positive thought by sending out blessings to others. Let others know you are thinking of them and wish them the best. If someone is going through a difficult time it may just be the words they need to hear to encourage and inspire them. Blessings are a prayer for favor to be found on a person or a situation.

While we all have many blessings in our lives, we all could use more! A good morning blessing is sent to you With love and encouragement For a day that is the best too In all that you do May the sun warm your heart with love May any clouds that appear, instantly disappear Blessings to you for a good morning and the whole day through.

May you have a good morning May you look forward to what the day brings. May you have friends surround you And family to love you.

A blessing that will make you smile this morning Smile instead of cry. May the morning be full of laughter Laugh away the sad. Look at the bright side, not the bad. Bless your morning! May this blessing find you counting your blessings rather than your troubles. Start the day on a positive note, count your blessings this morning. The most important habit of the day: actually getting up! Amy Schmittauer Landino, Good Morning Good Life You bring sunshine to others and for that we are glad May you feel that this blessing is sent to you in hopes the morning is successful in all you do.

May you be blessed this day and may you be a blessing to others. A breath of prayer in the morning means a day of blessing sure; a breath of prayer in the evening means a night of rest secure Frances McKinnon Morton, The Meaning of Prayer Another amazing morning to turn into an amazing day.

Blessings to you. A good morning, a good day, is my blessing sent to you.Mornings are one of the best times to engage God in prayers. There are various reasons why people say prayers and words of blessings each time they wake up in the morning.

Generally, prayers are considered as a daily dose for survival, strength, happiness and success in whatever one does in life as a believer. According to the scriptures, Jesus started with prayers and ended with prayers. This sums up the relevance of prayers in our lives. Here, on this page, we have a collection of very powerful prayers and blessings to begin your morning.

A prayer to God can be the fuel to inspire and motivate you before you start the day. Luke Good Morning. The heavens proclaim the glory of God The skies display his craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak Psalm 1, 2. Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning. Psalm Exodus Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord.

Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. Lamentations Early Motivation Good Morning Quotes. Tags: Bible blessings prayers. Good Morning Messages for Dad. Good Morning Quotes for your Husband.

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Good Morning in Italian.Mornings are a wonderful blessing. When the sun comes out in the morning, it brings with it a chance for new opportunities and new beginnings.

good morning blessings

Every new day brings beautiful new things and it is a great time to pray for our beloved people and also ourselves. This time of the day is not only suitable for prayers but also to be thankful and grateful for everything and everyone we have in our lives. Good morning, Lord. Today is a new day and with every new day, there is a new beginning. I pray that all my worries disappear and I get the strength to perform well. To my dear Lord, a warm good morning.

I am thankful for another day.

Good Morning Blessings

It is a fresh start where I can clear my self-doubts and stand back up on my feet. The sun is shining bright today. Lord, I believe that it is your way of showing me the hopes that I have lost somewhere. Thank you. Good morning, Father. I am thankful for everything that you have blessed me with.

good morning blessings

A grateful human makes a good soul. May I always remain this grateful for everything that I have in life. Dear Lord, I am thankful to you for showing me another beautiful morning.

Sometimes life gets hard but I promise to never lose my faith in you. Father, I consider myself lucky to be your child.

good morning blessings

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35 Inspirational Good Morning Prayer To Start A Peaceful Day

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